What Is Data Mining : Definition & Introduction

Data Mining Definition :

Data Mining with Neural Networks is the efficient discovery of valuable, non-obvious information from a large collection of data.

What is Data Mining ?

It is knowledge discovery process. Data mining helps you understand the substance of the data in a special unsuspecting way. It unearths patterns and trends in the raw data you never knew existed. [Read more…]

How to do Live Migration of Virtual Machines – Linux, Windows,Ubuntu

This guide shows you how to migrate Virtual Machine existing ESXi server to another Esxi server. Migrating a virtual machine is an easy task. To make it even easier I have screen shots of all the process we would be performing the live migration of virtual machines.  You would be learning the steps to migrate Linux virtual machine without any downtime.

Note : The process would be same for all the OS like Linux, Ubuntu and Windows. If you face any difficulty do ping us on our Facebook Page : Technotrice

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