What Is Software Testing ?

Definition :

Software Testing is a process to quantify the quality of software and maintain the quality throughout the life of the software.

Software Testing is oriented to “Detection.” It’s examining system or an application under controlled condition. It’s intentionally making things go wrong when they should not and things happen when they should not.  Continue reading

What Is Incremental Model In Software Engineering ? It’s Advantages & Disadvantages

Incremental model in software engineering is a one which combines the elements of waterfall model in an iterative manner. It delivers a series of releases called increments which provide progressively more functionality for the client as each increment is delivered.

In the incremental model of software engineering, waterfall model is repeatedly applied in each increment. The incremental model applies linear sequences in a required pattern as calendar time passes. Each linear sequence produces an increment in the work. Continue reading

What Is Spiral Model? It’s Advantages & Disadvantages

Spiral Model

In this article, you will learn what spiral model and the advantages and disadvantages of spiral model is. So let’s start with the spiral model definition:

Spiral model is an evolutionary software process model which is a combination of an iterative nature of prototyping and controlled and systematic aspects of traditional waterfall model.

This model was originally proposed by Boehm. It provides the potential for rapid development of incremental versions of the software. Continue reading